Success Stories

Our mission is to help/save as many dogs as possible, but the people who really save our rescued dogs' lives are the people who choose adoption over breeding/purchasing and permanently invite them into their hearts and homes. Dogs are animated, unconditional love and the most joyous part of their day is when their human companions come home. :)

Here is what some of our adoptive parents have said:

Boji and his Daddy !

Molly has FINALLY found her forever family !!

"Molly loves the kids! She licks them at night when they fall asleep and every morning she washes them with more kisses! We are in love with her!" - Christina, Molly's new Mom

Gracie has found her loving family!

"Thank you so much for saving Gracie so that she could join our family. She is so sweet and smart, we love her every chance that we get. She loves to run around the yard and play with her toys. She is a great addition to our family of 5 and we can not wait to include her in our Christmas picture this year, we'll be sure to send you one. Thanks again for our beautiful Gracie!!" - The Pearson Family

Caly (formerly Ginger) has found her forever parents!

"Thanks so much for all your help Amy. We're super happy we found Caly!" - Lauren & Robert

Milo found his Mom !

"He is the best. Sweetest dog ever. I love him!" - Gabby

Angel (now Amber) and her forever family!

Meika is home!

"She's awesome. Sleeps between Kathy and me every night. Follows us around and when I'm in my chair she lays at my feet. My wife is a changed woman. I also. We go on long walks together and it's like she is discovering the world for the first time. Thank you so much for the happiness you've brought into our lives."
- Bill Moran

Shorty is all snuggled in !

"My partner Johnny and I fell in love at first sight with Shorty, and he's proven to be a truly fantastic companion. He learned how to bring us his leash when he wants to go out, knows how to ask for his dog stairs when he wants to get onto the bed to snuggle, has recently become Johnny's daily jogging buddy, and seems to learn a new trick every week! Thank you so much for connecting us to this amazing animal." - Diana

Blue has found her Mom & Dad!

"Blue is such a special dog and we feel so lucky to have found her." - Kristin & Doug

Miley in her new home!

"Miley says thank you for all your hard work and for saving her life. :)" - The Seiber family

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We are continuously looking for animal-loving people to provide temporary foster homes for our rescued dogs. We can also always use monetary donations to help us provide vet care, food, supplies, transportation, etc. If you're able to foster a dog, please contact us and feel free to take a look at our foster agreement form here: foster form. If you're able to make a donation, you can easily do so by clicking on the PayPal tab!

Thank you in advance for all of your help! Woof!